We realize farm to table food production by leveraging trusted relationships with agricultural producers across the globe and ushering their goods through our efficient and secure processes.

Along the way, we ensure the highest quality standards are met and maintained. We stake our reputation on it.

Pulses and Beans

GGT handles a wide variety of Pulses and Beans, sourced from farms all over the world and supplied to processors as well as whole-sellers in our markets. The products are of the highest quality and are professionally handled to retain the quality throughout the supply chain. As important source of fibres and protein, the demand for Pulses/Beans are ever increasing with the growing population.


GGT has established a strong network of farms in various origins which ensures reliable quality and consistent performance. We are capable of handling containerized shipments as well as vessel loads, depending on what the market requires.

Processed Products

Our strength is not just limited to supply of raw material sourced from the farms. GGT has its own facilities as well as close partnership with other facilities to ensure the timely delivery of quality products to its clients.

Oil Seeds

GGT features a selection of oil seeds including soya, sunflower, rapeseed, and sesame seeds both in raw and processed forms, adding to our rich basket of products.

Feed Grains

Feed grains fuel the livestock that produce meat and dairy and the demand for feed grains continues to rise annually. GGT offers a robust selection of high quality feed grains at economical prices for retail and wholesale distribution. Our sources are pure and regulated ensuring the products are also superb.

By Products

GGT manages a valuable assortment of agricultural by-products. The same quality control and supply chain management practices apply to our by-products as well.